Our Story

MAX Homeschooling provides comprehensive virtual, interactive home-schooling, to help students achieve academic excellence. A unique blend of emerging technology, whilst upholding Islamic ethos, MAX Homeschooling provides an innovative approach to the traditional education system. Welcoming students of all faiths, races and genders, there are no boundaries of what can be achieved through our home-schooling.


With education options for primary, secondary & A-Level students, adhering to the British National Curriculum, including preparation for GCSE and A-Level exams, as well as opportunities for beginners and university students to learn English (ESOL & IELTS) & Turkish Languages, our teachers are dedicated to the success of their students.

Brimming with subject knowledge, industry experience and enthusiasm for expanding their students’ knowledge, MAX Homeschooling teachers place an emphasis on developing well-rounded students ready for the wider world, with a united belief that education should always go beyond the scope of the classroom. Our goal? To create a positive schooling environment, where students feel enthralled by the prospect of learning.


A cost-effective alternative to other online schools, MAX homeschooling offers the lowest pricing out there because simply, accessibility remains at the forefront of our school. We are of the belief that every child and young adult deserves opportunities to thrive, beyond financial boundaries.

We understand that making the switch from traditional in-person schooling to the world of online is often a difficult one. We pour bucket-loads of warmth, respect and enthusiasm into our teaching methods, so each student is provided an arsenal of tools to help them flourish by their own respective means, regardless of ability. Small class sizes, regular parental contact to monitor performance, and inspiring monthly events attended by renowned speakers, we pave the way for your students’ success.

MAX Homeschooling Motto

Education, right at your fingertips. With MAX Homeschooling, education doesn’t have to be a burden, learn in the comfort of your home with our expert leaders.

Why MAX Homeschooling?

  • Beyond the boundaries of country lines, our services are accessible wherever you are in the world, allowing students to gain valuable far-reaching perceptions from their laptop, PC or tablet.
  • The most cost-effective home-schooling programme available, you don’t have to fork out for top-quality education.
  • Optimized learning environments with small class room sizes and an enhanced level of care to our students, with 24/7 accessibility.
  • A far-reaching learning zone, with monthly motivational talks and social activities to grow minds and develop future leaders.
  • Expert-led mentoring and coaching, inviting professionals to give MAX students an insight into their respective fields.