Overview of the programmes

1. United Kingdom (Headoffice)

Primary Education

Setting the foundations for a strong academic career from SATs and beyond, MAX Homeschooling offers a fully comprehensive schooling environment, adhering to the British curriculum, from Key Stage 1 to 2, accessible anywhere in the world.

With an emphasis on developing well-rounded students, with stellar communication skills, academic excellence and problem-solving abilities, we create optimal learning environments for your child’s formative years, with small classroom sizes and attention to your child’s individual needs.

Secondary Education

Focusing on building upon primary knowledge through Key State 3 to 4, MAX teachers will ensure students are well prepared for GCSE exams. Providing a fantastic stepping-stone for gaining admittance to the top universities in the UK and beyond, strong GCSE grades in the subjects chosen by students will bode well for their future career prospects. Tailored courses, led by specialist teachers.


Studying for A-levels requires optimal focus, advanced levels of teaching and carefully curated lesson plans to nurture students’ education. With a small class size, free of the distractions of a traditional classroom setting, MAX Homeschooling sets students up for exceptional prospects, with one-to-one support available if required. We provide all of the tools and resources for students to succeed.

English Courses (ESOL & IELTS)

Allowing non-native English speakers to pursue studies in many of the leading universities globally, our international English courses for both beginners and University students provide valuable lessons in speaking, listening, reading and writing in English. Whether you opt for ESOL or IELTS, you will receive a certification of course completion to take with you throughout your career.

2. Turkey (Physical Classes)

Nursery & Pre-school classes

At MAX, it’s never too early to start learning and discovering. We provide tools for education for nursery-aged children through the use of age-appropriate games and other enthralling tools, offering a seamless transfer into Key Stage 1.

Year 1-Yr 11 (Ks1, 2, 3, 4)

As you move towards SATs, GCSEs and beyond, we provide extensive learning resources for students to start achieving early. With exciting, captivating learning methods, we work to ensure our students are given all of the most valuable tools to unlock the key to the next chapter of their academic career.

Turkish Classes (Level 1-5)

We take pride in our Turkish classes, taught by enthusiastic, passionate and knowledgeable teachers at our Ankara school. Providing expansive lesson plans, adhering to the Turkish curriculum, students excel through a range of tried-and-tested methods for academic success.

A-Level Education

Achieving strong A-level grades is vital for acceptance into some of the world’s leading universities, which we facilitate at our school in Ankara. Abiding by the British schooling curriculum, we deliver a range of disciplines to act as stepping-stones towards your future career goals.

English Classes

At our hub in Ankara, we have a selection of experienced, highly-trained English teachers who offer classes for beginners and University Students to become well-versed in the language of science, business, aviation, IT and tourism, improving your changes of gaining employment at a multi-national company.

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