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The ultimate question! Home schooling comes in various forms, but to put it simply, it refers to a child or young adult receiving their education away from traditional classroom environments, instead being taught by a parent, guardian or specialist home schoolers, such as MAX Homeschooling. The requirements vary from country to country, but children in the UK are legally obliged to receive full-time education from 5-16.

In short, any child, other than those with special educational needs enrolled at a specialist school. To ensure your schooling system adheres to UK standards, all children must receive full-time education, whether that is from a mainstream school, parent, guardian or tutor. If your child falls in the SEN bracket, you must speak to your school before allowing your child to make the switch to home schooling.

Absolutely! No qualifications are necessary, so any adult can teach in a home schooling environment. It is always advised to opt for home schooling specialists, such as MAX Homeschooling, to get the best out of your child’s education. We provide education options for primary, secondary & A-Level students, adhering to the British National Curriculum, including preparation for GCSE and A-Level exams, as well as opportunities for beginners and university students to learn English (ESOL & IELTS) & Turkish Languages. Our teachers are dedicated to the success of their students.

• Nursery & Pre-school classes for our students in Turkey, Ankara.
• Year 1-Yr 11 (Ks1, 2, 3, 4)
• A-Level Education
• Turkish Classes (Level 1-5)
• English Courses (ESOL & IELTS)

With students of varying abilities, we make it incredibly easy to join in. All of our classes are taught live online, with the use of a purpose-driven virtual classroom. It does a great job at mimicking a real-world classroom (but better!), including a virtual whiteboard for visual learners, and interactive audio and video feed from the teacher. You can also add any thoughts/questions in the teacher-monitored chat box, or verbally if required.
We have a student portal, which can be accessed by students using a secure login. This will be where homework and assignments are submitted and marked.
However, at our hub in Ankara, we have a selection of experienced, highly-trained English teachers who offer classes for beginners and University Students to become well-versed in the language of science, business, aviation, IT and tourism, improving your changes of gaining employment at a multi-national company – a great alternative to online schooling if you are based in the area.

Our teachers offer a fantastic blend of experienced and qualifications, brimming with subject knowledge, industry experience and enthusiasm for expanding their students’ knowledge. MAX Homeschooling teachers place an emphasis on developing well-rounded students ready for the wider world, with a united belief that education should always go beyond the scope of the classroom.

No! We currently have students enrolled from all 5 continents, way beyond the boundaries of country lines. Our services are accessible wherever you are in the world, allowing students to gain valuable far-reaching perceptions from the comfort of their homes.

Just internet connection and a device, such as laptop, PC or iPad! If your child meets these criteria, please visit our contact us page for more information and if you need consultation session, feel free to contact our friendly team via email, website enquire or by telephone.

At MAX Homeschooling, we teach the English National Curriculum for our secular studies:
• Nursery & Pre-school classes
• Year 1-Yr 11 (Ks1, 2, 3, 4)
• A-Level Education

However, we also have bespoke programmes to cater to our customer’s needs:
• Turkish Classes (Level 1-5)
• English Courses (ESOL & IELTS)

The enrolment process is as straight forward as can be! Simply contact us via one of our many communication channels, and we will guide you through our verbal enrolment over the phone. Once you have been accepted, the initial payment is made, and the student will be placed in the appropriate class.

Our fees are one of the cheapest available. Why? Because we believe that our service should be affordable to all, whether you are working or unemployed. The monthly fee for our home schooling starts from £150 per month and there are various payment plans on offer.
• Annually
• Termly
• Monthly
For more information, please contact us. Our friendly advisors would be more than happy to assist!

Yes – we apply 10% discount for the 3rd child.

Ideally, we prefer students that can speak fluent English, however we do have students from non-native English-speaking countries. We usually place them on an intensive English course before commencing the programme, however this depends on their English level, determined by our assessment.

We follow the UK National Holidays, with the addition of the last 10 days of Ramadan & 2 Eids.

The exam board may vary, depending on MAX Homeschooling discretion & the student jurisdiction.

We have a core number of subjects depending on the academic level of the student. However, students may take as many or as few subjects as they like.

Yes – as part of our onboarding procedure, we undertake an assessment to gain an overall view of each students’ ability, and how we can help them gain the most from learning with us.

Yes! We think it’s important to keep every student’s parents/ guardians in the know, so we provide an annual report outlining the students’ overall performance.

Yes! Every 12 weeks we welcome parents to have a discussion with us about where their child is at academically. Feedback is integral to strong performance in the classroom, so we love to keep open lines of communication at all times.

Upon enrolment, you will make an initial payment to us, to secure your child’s place on our programme. Should you decide that you would like to withdraw your child from MAX Homeschooling, we require written confirmation of this.
*fees are non-refundable*

If you are looking for an online home schooling provider, but unsure where to turn, you’re in the same position as all of our student’s parents before selecting us! It can be difficult to know which option is best, so we will do our best to help.
Firstly, price. We provide expert levels of support while remaining as affordable as possible, because we think every child deserves a stellar start in life. After all, why should you have to dish out on more funds for a lower quality of education?
Secondly, the flexibility. Unlike mainstream schools, your child can access our lessons from anywhere in the world, which is great for busy, always-on-the-move parents. It also means that you aren’t constrained to the schools in your area, which are often not the best fit for your child.
All of the choices we make are to optimise the education of all enrolled students, which means small class sizes and specialist teachers, giving students hands-on support at all times.

If you are looking to make the first steps towards a stronger education for your child(ren), we’re more than happy to help! To get started, simply give us a call on [number], or email us on [email]. We can answer any outstanding questions you have, and begin the enrolment process quickly and efficiently, to get your child enrolled as soon as possible.

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